4-hour delivery is now available in Dubai
4-hour delivery is now
available in Dubai
Cash on Delivery payment option in UAE
Cash on Delivery payment
option in UAE
Free international shipping (min. 1000 AED)
Free international shipping
(min. 1000 AED)
About Maison D'Vie

About Maison D'Vie

Who we are

We are the House of Life. Your life. We believe in an astonishing world where you have the complete freedom to be fearlessly you. To be awe-inspiring. To be daringly different. To be the hero of the great adventure of life. So, we make sure that you have that thrilling chance to discover all the enchanting things that are within your power to do and own – no matter who you are, where you’re from or whatever looks you’d like to master. We simply exist to give you the choice and the confidence to be authentically you. It’s your Life. Own it.

We Make Moments of Discovery

You know that special feeling when you find a drop-dead gorgeous fashion brand before everyone else? Us, too! That’s why we aim to assemble the most amazingly independent brands from up-and-coming fashion capitals around the world so you can have a special insider access to one-of-a-kind finds.

We Create Delight

We won’t stop there, either. In the near future, we will also offer a selection of the best pieces of the labels you already know and love… as well as new ones you never imagined you’d delightfully fall in love with. Because life is more than fashion, we will also unveil a hand-picked range of lifestyle products and concepts to suit each room of your house. And more.

We Never Stop Improving Your Experience

We are always changing, always improving to make your experience better every day. We believe that your luxury retail experience should match the new times, and so we are creating our own Blended Retail Experience, where offline meets online experience. You will enjoy building a relationship with our sales associates and experience our products in a luxury store setting and be able to order the same products online. Or you can start selecting the products online and request to sample it in our store. The choice is yours. We are uniquely young and uniquely designed around you.